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by Raukous

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released August 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Raukous California

RAUKOUS is a multifarious three-piece Dark Punk band that show resilience and a desire to mix the familiarity of aggressive punk with the strains of their darker counterparts.

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Track Name: View//Askew

Fear yourself
Internal visions
Primal thoughts and
Rash decisions

Take control
You're going under
They cleared your mind
To make you wonder

What is normal?
Is it lust?
Is it mental?
Is it trust?

Block them all
And their limited view
Constant thoughts
They're laughing at you

You've hit the wall
Fear remission
This is your fault
Your condition!

What is normal...

Cast them out
The world is colder
Be your own self
And start over

No remorse
A social schism
This is your choice
Your decision!
Track Name: Pickman's Model

Pickman, your artwork scares
Beyond proportion of a normal soul
Images too damnably so
To be mere artwork of a normal man

Ghouls that feed in a subway station
Amongst the living is a normal sight
To what do I owe a detestable man
Whose paintings hold inconceivable fright?

Last I saw was an unfinished piece
Whose victims suffered from carnivorous ghouls
Never again would I visit this man
When looked upon an image of a sight that's REAL
Track Name: Seen And Not Heard

Fall in line, they force conclusions
Calling out, they scream my name
Telling me my fucking problems
Stem from no one, I'm to blame

Each time turning more reclusive
Telling you what I say is true
That all my messed up social issues
Could just be a reflection of you

Problem child, out of reach
Fall in line, and be brief
Smile and wave, then go away
They'll care for you some other day

I wasn't made to follow orders
With the stupid speeches they give
So many fucking rules to live by
Choking me out, I can't breathe

Scapegoat, they all point their fingers
Like a witch hunt, burning coals
But I'm a living death child
Embracing my world

Problem child, out of reach...
Track Name: Paranoid

Paranoia setting in
Is it karma for your sins?
What did you do?
They're hunting for you

All alone or can you hear
The sound of something coming near?
Face the fact
A shade of black

By your Fears

Wake up screaming in the night
Pressure, pressure, failing lights
Do as you're told
Your blood runs cold

Your agony is all a game
A pawn, from which you know it's name
No help for you
What can you do?


Try to hide, but no use
Can you stomach this abuse?
What's done is done
You can't tell no one

Footsteps echo in the night
You hear it breathing now alright
But whatever you do
Don't look behind you...

Track Name: Nowhere To Hide

Trapped within this madness
Nightmare thoughts plague unrestricted dreams
Treating us as garbage
Prescriptions shelter all from the extremes

Money amounts to greed
And power produces needs
Tearing the insides
There is nowhere to hide

How did we let this happen?
Disinformation rampant like the plague
Terror stripped and vacant
Become among the masses in their graves

Money amounts to greed...

White walls shape their coffins
Defeated instincts washed away with pills
As with time this passes
And in their grief there's nowhere to run

Tormenting vision or dream
And a silence that deafens the screams
Tearing the insides
There is nowhere to hide
Track Name: Thirteen Spirits

Something in the distance
Can you hear the sounds?
From somewhere among the tall grass
Something evil is going down

Wake up from the nightmare
But know it has not passed
The hour of death has come too soon,
It's impending doom

Thirteen Spirits 'round an altar flame
Chanting, screaming, black Samhain
Thirteen Spirits of an ancient sect
Thirteen Spirits 'round an altar flame
Chanting, screaming, black Samhain
Feel their presence, you now suspect
There will be nothing left

Feel a cold sweat coming
And an urge to run and hide
Better take your chances out there
Than locked and barred inside

With a caustic turmoil
Outside, the blood red moon
Your mind goes numb, you've gone insane
It's a black Samhain!